1. (Printing a single linked list backward) Include the functions reversePrint and recursiveReversePrint, as discussed in this chapter, in the class linkedListType. Also, write a program function to print a (single) linked list backward. (Use either the class unorderedLinkedList or the class orderedLinkedList to test your function.)

2. (Dividing a linked list into two sublists of almost equal sizes)

a. Add the operation divideMid to the class linkedListType as follows:

void divideMid(linkedListType<Type> &sublist);

//This operation divides the given list into two sublists

//of (almost) equal sizes.

//Postcondition: first points to the first node and last

// points to the last node of the first

// sublist.

// sublist.first points to the first node

// and sublist.last points to the last node

// of the second sublist.

Consider the following statements:

unorderedLinkedList<int> myList;

unorderedLinkedList<int> subList;

Suppose myList points to the list with elements 34 65 27 89 12 (in this

order). The statement:


divides myList into two sublists: myList points to the list with the elements 34 65 27, and subList points to the sublist with the elements 89 12.

b. Write the definition of the function template to implement the operation divideMid. Also, write a program to test your function.