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CIS2002 SEMESTER 1, 2014 Assignment 2 specification Description Marks out of ModeWtg(%) Due date ASSIGNMENT 2100.00External25.0018 May 2014ASSIGNMENT 2 100.00On Campus18.00*18 May 2014*On-campus students take practical tests and the weightings for assignments are different due to this. IMPORTANT INFORMATION You must submit the assignment electronically by the due date via the EASE link on the study desk. Instructions will be provided on the course study desk. If you are unable to complete the whole assignment, submit what you have done rather than nothing. There is an automatic extension until 6 June. The extra time is only if you need it. You should aim to submit at the due date. There is no need to apply for this extension. Once the model answers are released no further assignments can be accepted. You must use the official USQ data modelling and normalization methodology. This methodology is based on Clive Finkelstein’s techniques ( HYPERLINK “http://usqstudydesk.usq.edu.au/file.php/117/content/reading4_1.pdf” SR 2.1 and HYPERLINK “http://usqstudydesk.usq.edu.au/file.php/117/content/reading4_2.pdf” SR 2.2) and all the examples in the lectures, study book and the tutorials use this methodology. If you do not use the USQ methodology, you will probably be awarded a mark of zero. It is perfectly acceptable if you submit neat hand-drawn ERD’s. Alternatively, you might wish to use Word. If you use a CASE or drawing tool, you must adapt the drawing to conform to the USQ methodology. This assignment may require a significant amount of work but you should treat it as an exercise in examination preparation as well as an assignment. This assignment covers much of the same ground as the exam and will provide you with a strong indicator of your level of preparedness for the exam. Most of the questions are at examination standard although the data modelling exercise is somewhat more substantial than what would be expected in an examination…