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Choose one of the topics given below and submit a research project, which should not exceed 4000 words. The help file is available in the Student Resources Folder on Interact2.
Topics to select from but not limited to:
• IoT for Sustainability
• IoT devices and Next Generation Manufacturing
• IoT Revenue Model challenges
• IoT in Automobile Industry
• IoT Mining Industry
• RFID Tags
• IoT for Independent Living of the Older Generation
• IoT for Reducing Food Wastage in Australia
• IoT in Finance Industry and Security Challenges
• Machine Learning in IOT
• Future of the Fog Domain
• IoT and Data Analytics
• Big Data challenges in IoT and Cloud
• M2M connectivity architectures for Remote & Rural areas
• Utilising block chain technology in IoT
If you think of any other related topics please talk to your lecturer before deciding. The use of a Research Report from this or another subject, even if it is your own, is considered Academic Misconduct. This report must be your own original work for this subject in this session.
1. Analyse the Task (Milestone 1: Should be completed by Week 4- 03/12/2018)
Analyse what is expected of you. This includes careful reading of the assignment task as specified in the Subject Outline. Review the literature and produce an Annotated Bibliography of at least 10 Journal Articles and/or Conference Papers (see http://student.csu.edu.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0009/186444/annotate1.pdf for requirements). The Annotated Bibliography must appear as a separate section in your Report.
For Analysis:
i) What is the purpose of this report?
ii) What is the topic you have chosen for your report? (The topic can be one specified as above, but you can come up with new ideas and topics of your choice in IoT)
iii) What is the expected format of the report? (Refer to the format on Interact2 resources: Assignment 3 Help file).
iv) Come up with a Problem Statement based on your topic, note it down and discuss it with your lecturer.
v) Produce the Annotated Bibliography
2. Do the Research: Literature Review (Milestone 2: Should be completed by Week 8- 07/01/2019 )
This is the main part of the research project and could take more time.
i) Review of Literature based on past and current work in your topic (download from conference proceedings, journal articles – use Primo search to access more articles and journals – Minimum 10 journals or articles)
ii) Structure in chronological order and start summarising.
iii) Based on the literature, list the requirements for your Project, then choose one or more requirements to work with.
iv) Now you can modify your Problem Statement based on the requirements chosen for your project.
v) Write the current and past techniques or technologies used to solve your problem, the requirements and Literature Review
3. Introduce the Problem or Challenges (Milestone 3: Should be completed by Week 10 – 21/01/2019) Write the Introduction to the problem and domain.
Structure of the report including which section covers what.
4. Final Report (Milestone 4: Submission Due Week 11 – 27/01/2019) NB if you ask for an extension, you will be required to submit the material for the above milestones first.
Start writing your draft, as you do your research project. (Put it all together)
i) Use the Template provided in the Student Resources section. Your Report must have this format.
ii) Write the Abstract of the report (Purpose, Scope, Technologies, Annotated Bibliography, Recommendations, Future Research and Conclusion)
iii) Modify the Introduction from Milestone 3 if necessary
iv) Modify the Review of Literature form Milestone 2 if required, based on past and current work in your topic (no more than 3 pages)
Briefly explain each technique/solution/issue used in the past and present (5 or more)
Explain the technology/technique/solution which best suits your application/problem, based on various factors with proper justifications. This literature review can be one of the above technologies or applications or Issues or a combination of more than one.
Include the Annotated Bibliography from Milestone 1) with a minimum of 10 papers from journals or articles (see http://student.csu.edu.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0009/186444/annotate1.pdf for guidelines) update and modify if necessary from Milestone 1. The Annotated Bibliography must appear as a separate section in your Report.
v) Include tables and graphs to support your justification and argument.
vi) Discuss your research findings with a conclusion.
vii) Referencing must be in CSU APA6 format. The reference section at the end of the Report is separate from the Annotated Bibliography.