Answer 3 of the four questions. The answer should be no longer than one single-spaced page for each question, a typically answer would be perhaps 3-4 paragraphs. References to specific reading materials, the class discussion, or individual research will be considered a plus.

The best way for a student to increase his or her score on this test is to, first, take enough time at the start to understand the question and think through to the best answer. Then be sure the answer does not have too many generalizations or overlook key aspects of a good answer.

  • Question 1.The decision to perform an acquisition is heavily influenced by how it relates to the strategic business goals of an organization. Explain why you think the acquisition you are detailing in your submitted Activities potentially supports the strategic business goals of your organization (understanding that some of you had to imagine both the acquisition and the potential strategic business goals).

  • Question 2.Risk analysis is a critical part of the acquisition process and is often not done very well. Looking back at the risks you identified for your submitted project, which ones do you believe would be most likely to be identified and accurately measured and which ones either less likely to be identified at all or measured correctly. Explain why. Does your analysis allow you to draw general conclusions on the type of risk that would be likely to be overlooked or mis-analyzed in future projects you might work on?

  • Question 3.Most scenarios submitted for your alternative solutions included either a COTS product or a SaaS based solution. Please use the UMUC library or the Internet at large, find articles related to the IT solution you are acquiring and share analysts feedback on key vendors, product trends and market potential.

BTW: Gartner is the preferred analyst however feel free to leverage another research DB should you not be able to find what you need on Gartner’s website.

  • Question 4.In Session 5, under the heading Commercial Acquisitions, there are references to three readings. Pick one of them and summarize the major points that the author is attempting to make. Explain why you agree or disagree and provide any additional points you feel would have added to the article.