Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to change our world. To understand how rapid and dramatic the change will be, you must understand the second half of the chessboard. Read this articleand watch this video, What happens when computers get smarter than we are?

Reflect on the article and the video and contemplate how AI will impact your career. I expect truck and taxi drivers to start disappearing in the next 5 – 10 years. Teachers are also high on the endangered list. How can human teachers compete with an all-knowing AI system that gives students personalized, 1-on-1 instruction?

Daimler Trucks just announced it is buying a majority stake in self-driving tech company Torc Robotics. TORC, based in Blacksburg, was founded in 2005. Within the last 18 months, TORC’s autonomous vehicles have driven to Detroit and Washington state. Read more in this short article. The last line of the article is especially relevant. “… self-driving trucks face opposition from professional drivers who don’t want to lose their jobs to machines.”

For this assignment, you will submit one paragraph, an introduction. However, to write a good introduction you must plan out an entire essay. Therefore, you will submit an outline for an entire essay and your one-paragraph introduction. Your essay will describe how you feel AI will impact your career.

You may not put your head in the sand and say AI will not impact you. AI will impact your career. How do you think AI will affect you?

You will only submit a one-paragraph introduction for this assignment, but I want you to outline an entire essay to answer the questions above.

1. Reflect on the article and video above.
2. As part of your prewriting, develop an outline for your essay
3. Write one introductory paragraph
4. Submit one Word document with your prewriting, outline, and your introductory paragraph

Your outline must include an introduction, at least two body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Your introduction gives the reader a summary of your essay. As we discussed in class, start with a general statement, add progressively more detail, and end your introduction with your thesis statement. The thesis is the same as a topic sentence. The thesis has a topic (subject) and a controlling idea. Your essay supports your thesis.

The introduction is always written last, at least the final draft of the introduction is written last. Therefore, it is important to plan your entire essay before you write your introduction. Your body paragraphs will describe the main points of your essay. Your introduction should introduce the main points.

For the HTML5 example we did in class, your essay will talk about: (1) pros/cons of HTML5, (2) browser support, and (3) market adoption. These are the main points of your essay. The introduction introduces each of these points so your audience knows what is coming.