The course that this assignment is for called: Arts & Rights. It is similar to the assignment I posted last. However, in this case, I have finished doing the assignment and the professor would like me to “dig deeper” in the text. I will provide you with some helpful links of the book. But if you can please edit it and “dig deeper” that would be helpful. My focus in this reflection was on PROSTITUTION and the title of the book. The first link is the most helpful as you can read some of the play.1.http://www.horizontheatre.com/pdfs/Ruined.pdf2.http://feministspectator.blogspot.ca/2009/03/ruined-by-lynn-nottage.html3.http://plays.about.com/od/plays/a/ruined.htm4.http://deafwalls.wordpress.com/2011/04/05/hollow-humanitarianism-a-review-of-lynn-nottages-ruined/5.http://dctheatrescene.com/2011/05/03/ruined/
This is also a reflection but I have already finished it so you just are required to go over and “dig deeper” within the two topics I have provided.Here is the guidelines once again: Choosea text on the course and to ask yourself how has this text, or this section ofa text, made me see something differently, or for the first time? Whatabout the text has done that? Why? Be specific, both in terms ofthe idea you are discussing, and what in the text you are linking it to.

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Ruined a play by Lynn Nottage Name: Aakanchie Mahajan Student #: 21114162 Date: Wednesday October 10, 2012 Professor: Leslie Sanders Course Code: HREQ 3510 Course Name: Arts and Rights The play Ruined revolves around the struggle and difficulty that females endured during the war in Democratic Public of Congo. The entire play itself opens the eyes of the audience and takes the reader towards a new avenue of hope and faith in the midst of smoke that arises from weapons and cries. The war normally forgets about women and focuses on destruction and casualties. Somewhere in the middle of it all, it forgets about violence on women, impact of war on women, psychological and physical rape, and domestic abuse and community rejection. Lynn Nottage brings up such topics in her play to allow the audience to think about what happens to women. It forces the audience to think outside the box and think critically of the role of women during wartime. The meaning of the title astonished me and forced me to think beyond the occupation of prostitution. It gave prostitution a whole new respect that women deserve and have been fighting for from centuries. Similar to the beliefs of the majority of the population, I believed that prostitution is not forced upon but a choice that is made by women in order to make easy and lots of money. Prior to reading the play, I never made an effort to learn or understand what got these women to a profession that is shunned upon by millions of people. I never understood why women chose to sell their bodies when they could use their talents elsewhere. Unless an individual reads the play, the title holds no deep meaning other than the ruins of the war. Once the characters and their stories are revealed, the true meaning of ruined is understood. Mama Nadi, the main lead is both the protector and the exploiter of the other women who are in her brothel protected by the brutal men. Mama is the protector as The brothel is where the…