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Assignment Description
Blue Ridge Consulting Services (BRCS) provides security consulting and services to over 1000 clients
across a wide range of enterprises in Australia. A new initiative at BRCS is for its two offices in Sydney
and Melbourne to provide internships to students who are pursuing their postgraduate studies in
reputed institutes in Sydney and Melbourne in the Networking and Cyber Security domains.
Students are required to demonstrate their theoretical as well as practical knowledge related to
information security. To evaluate suitable candidates for this prestigious internship program, BRCS
has asked applicants to prepare a detailed report and a presentation addressing the following
A. Crypto-malware Attacks (maximum 600 Words)
Most recently, threat actors have started using Crypto-malware to attack victims’ devices and
networks. This malware encrypts all files on a victim’s device and demands ransom for a key
(to be delivered to victim) to unlock these files. Use Library/Internet resources to research
about Crypto-malware Attacks. Based on your research address following:
1. What do these attacks do? How these attacks are different from other malware attacks?
Why are they so successful? In what ways ransom is paid?
2. Explain in detail the spreading mechanism(s) of crypto-malware.
3. Discuss any two crypto malware variants developed during 2018-2019. Critically analyse
their working mechanism.
4. Recommend any two security tools/techniques to withstand with these attacks.
B. Load Balancing Algorithms (maximum 600 Words)
Load balancing is a technology that can help to distribute work across a network. Different
algorithms are used to make decision on the load balancing. These include random allocation,
round-robin, weighted round-robin, round-robin DNS load balancing, and others.
1. Explain the need of load balancing in today’s networks. What benefits are achieved with
load balancing from information security perspective.
2. From current literature survey, research about these above mentioned load balancing
algorithms and discuss their working mechanism with advantages and disadvantages.
3. Do these algorithms compromise security? Provide proper justification regarding your
4. Explain a recent case study where load balancing helped to prevent a total network
C. Blockchain for the Internet of Things (IoT) (maximum 600 Words)
With recent developments, it is a predicted that there will be 18 billion internet of things (IoT)
enabled devices by 2022 having a large influence across many vertical markets. Blockchain
technologies have potential to track, coordinate, carry out transactions and store information