Case Study: CQUnited Property Management database system
CQUnited Property Management (CQUPM) is an Australian-owned businesslocated in a large city that
specializes in management of rental property and relevant services. The management of CQUPM has
approached you to build a relational database that will be used as the most critical backend software
component in their enterprise managementsystem so that the relevant business data will be recorded
appropriately and further information query will be processed efficiently. The proposed database
system requires efficiently to record and track all listed properties, customers,staff and relevantrental
activities. Consider the following user requirements carefully and design a database conceptual
schema (i.e. E-R model) to support such an application.
The major business of CQUPM isto manage the property rentals, where the property managers accept
entrusted rental management of the real estate from property owners. The property could be a house
or an apartment. Each property should be described and recorded with the information including the
property type, address, the number of bedrooms, the number of bathrooms, the listed weekly rental,
property photo, as well as the available date. When a customer wishes to rent a property, he/she is
required to make an application, which will be processed by a property manager. If an application is
approved, the contract start date, end date, and weekly rental etc. must be recorded in the system.
Usually, a property is managed by one property manager while a manager could take care of multiple
listed properties. A property manager also can supervise other managers. From time to time, the
properties under management may need some maintenance service or minor repair jobs (for example
window glass broken and replacement, electrical fault, water pipe leaking etc.). The company has
contracted the maintenance tasks to the qualified external employee, who will undertake the repair
jobs as requested. The external employee could be a licensed electrician, plumber or handyman. The
details of the repair job and complete date must be entered the system.