Community Health Care: Bill’s Physical Violence- Nursing Case Study Assignment


You are a social worker in a community health centre. You have been asked by your supervisor to see Mary, 30 years old. She came into the office a week ago where she spoke to the intake worker for 20 minutes. The intake notes from this discussion state that Mary is married to Bill (for 9 years) and they have 2 children Kelly (4 years old) and Daniel (2 years old). Mary is at home with the children, although before she had her children she worked as a full-time hairdresser. Bill works as a diesel mechanic full-time. The intake notes also state that Mary has requested help in dealing with Bill’s physical violence. She has left the family home three times in the last year. Twice she left without the children and feels guilty about that. She states that she has always left in emergency circumstances and on one occasion left home with only slippers and a nightgown on. She told the intake worker that she goes to her mother’s house when this happens but her mother is telling her that she is tired of Mary coming over and not doing anything
about it. Mary told the intake worker that Bill does not want to see anyone and that he thinks he has nothing to talk about because he has done nothing wrong.

You are required to address the following questions:
1. Describe 2 theories that you learned in this subject that you could use to help you understand what is going on in the case study?

2. Extract two main principles from each theory and apply these principles to specific details in the case study, that is, use the principle to inform your interpretations or practice?

The Analysis can be written in the first person because you are presenting a reflection on how theory has informed your thinking or interpretations. However, because this work is drawing on social work theoretical knowledge it needs to be referenced. This is an academic piece of work and so it is important to access and use the social work literature that has been recommended in this Topic and beyond, such as journals. Please reference any works that inform your thinking.