complete the assignment base on the attached file .each assignment must be done separately Document Preview:

Go to www.Webminal.org Log in: atidepescot251 password: ALL12nce1030 After login, click on Terminal use the same log in and password to access the terminal and start the assignment. In this activity, you will be tasked with answering questions on the material covered in this module, with a focus on some additional shell commands that were covered, as well as some basic shell scripting. Use the Webminal terminal to answer many of these questions. Log in to Webminal.: atidepescot251 password: ALL12nce1030 Open test1.txt in vi (file was created in the Module Three Application Activity) and type the following (on three lines, one word on each line as shown, no blank lines):HelloWorldIT251 Save and exit the file. Open test2.txt in vi and type the following (on three lines, one word on each line as shown, no blank lines):OneTwoThree Redirect the contents of test1.txt to the bottom of test2.txt. Print the content of test2.txt to the screen, take a screenshot of the output, and paste below: What is the difference between piping and redirection? Create a new file in your home directory with the name testlook.txt and add the following lines of text: Save the file and quit vi. What command, run against the testlook.txt file you created, would you use to get the following output printed to your screen (2. world)? Perform the same command on the testlook.txt file but have it display only 4. are on your screen. Screenshot the command you ran and the output below: What line needs to be at the top of a shell script? Write a very simple script named helloworld.sh in your ~/scripts directory that, when executed, prints out Hello World! as shown below: Open up your script in vi and take a screenshot of your code and paste it below: Take a screenshot of the output of your script when executed and paste it below: Describe what each line of your script does: Type the following command (and hit enter):history Take a screenshot (or multiple…