complete the pseudo code for the following hash table operations:

  1. Insert
  2. Remove

Assume Hashtable is a simple array of size 8, with indices 0..7. Numeric keys are mapped by a Hashfunction that gives the mod(8,n) value for any key “n” yielding the Hashtable index for that key (0..7). A Hashtable entry is null unless a key exists with that index as its hashed index; if so, the Hashtable entry points to the first node of a linked list of keys with that hash index. The last node on this linked list has a null reference for the next referenced node. Assume the occurrence of a linked list node is represented by the object “Node” and its “Data” and “NextRef” attributes.


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  • 1 pseudo code implementation of each Hash table operation: Insert and Remove
  • Fully documented pseudo code.

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