Task 1: Configure Basic Device Settings
The desktop system assigned to you serves as an end-user terminal. You access and manage the lab environment
from the student desktop system using GNS3 Software.
IT NE 2005 Assessments
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Students should perform the steps in this task individually.
In Part 1 of this lab, you set up the network topology and configure basic settings, such as the interface IP
addresses, static routing, device access, and passwords.
All steps should be performed on routers R1-S0000.
The procedure for R1 is shown here as an example.
Step 1: Configure and Deploy switch in GNS3 network.
If you have not already configured, Configure Switch appliance cisco-iosvl2.gns3a from$
GNS3 and use Switch image IOS-S465-CLI.pkg. Attach the devices, as shown in the topology diagram, and
connection as necessary.
Step 2: Configure basic settings for the router and each switch.
Perform all tasks on R1, S1, and S2. The procedure for S1 is shown here as an example.
a. Configure hostnames, as shown in the topology.
b. Configure interface IP addresses, as shown in the IP Addressing Table. The following configuration displays the
VLAN 1 management interface on S1:
S1-S0000(config)# interface vlan 1
S1-S0000(config-if)# ip address
S1-S0000(config-if)# no shutdown
c. Prevent the router or switch from attempting to translate incorrectly entered commands by disabling DNS
lookup. S1 is shown here as an example.
S1-S0000(config)# no ip domain-lookup
d. HTTP access to the switch is enabled by default. Prevent HTTP access by disabling the HTTP server and HTTP
secure server.
S1-S0000(config)# no ip http server
S1-S0000(config)# no ip http secure-server
Note: The switch must have a cryptography IOS image to support the ip http secure-server command. HTTP access
to the router is disabled by default.
e. Configure the enable secret password.
S1-S0000(config)# enable secret cisco12345
f. Configure console password.
S1-S0000(config)# line console 0
S1-S0000(config-line)# password ciscoconpass
S1-S0000(config-line)# exec-timeout 5 0