APA format is a must. 3 pages. Use the following link for reference.

To put this concept to work, review the “Catalog of Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture” (or EAA Catalog). This catalog of patterns is organized functionally. Familiarize yourself with the differences between architectural styles, architectural patterns, and design patterns.

In this Assignment, write a 3-page paper that addresses the following:

  1. Create a pattern hierarchy that meaningfully organizes the EAA Catalog of patterns using one of the architectural styles from this week’s readings. Create categories and link them together in the form of a logical hierarchy. Include at least one pattern from each category in Fowler’s catalog.
  2. Explain the organizing principles you employed in your pattern hierarchy. The EAA Catalog is organized functionally and not in a hierarchy. The Design Pattern Catalog has about 50 different patterns. They are now organized into 11 pattern types based on functionality. You need to use a different organizing principle.

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An Improved methodology for Service Oriented Architecture Marzieh Emadi Mohamad Davarpanah Jazi Department of Information Technology and Department of Computers and Information Technology Communication Foulad University of Technology Payam Noor University Fouladshahr, Isfahan Iran Tehran, Iran mdjazi@cc.iut.ac.irEmadi_marzieh@yahoo.com Reza Asgari Moghadam Faranak Bahredar Department of Information Technology and Faculty of Engineering Communication Amin University Payam Noor University Fouladshahr, Isfahan Iran Tehran, Iran f.bahredar@gmail.com askari@pnu.ac.ir Abstract With the growing trend of software systems in reference a common business format for each data enterprises, normal approaches for software development could element. not satisfy these systems expectations. Service oriented The following guiding principles define the ground rules for architecture is proposed as a solution to this problem. Many development, maintenance, and usage of SOA: methodologies were introduced toward this architecture, but they Reuse, granularity, modularity, componentization and have some problems. In this paper an improved methodology is interoperability. presented and its advantages over other methodologies in Standards-compliance (both common and industry-deploying a learning system have been studied. specific). Service Oriented Architecture; Methodology; Service; Phase Service identification and categorization, provisioning and delivery, and monitoring and I. INTRODUCTION tracking. In this section, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and SOAs provide a set of guidelines, principles and techniques in the characteristics of SOA development methodologies are which business processes, information and enterprise assets introduced. can be effectively organized and deployed to support and enable strategic plans and productivity levels that are required A. Service Oriented Architecture by competitive business…