To gather, critically analyse, manage and present in
meaningful ways information and data, and
To appraise and interpret the requirements of clients in order
to solve complex business problems by designing and testing
system modelling approaches, and
To prepare design and system documentation and written
To elicit requirements from clients, discuss intermediate
solutions and present oral reports as individuals and in teams.
To work collaboratively in small teams on a variety of large
and small projects to produce models, software,
documentation and reports.
To take responsibility for their own time management
delivering quality required material on time in dynamically
changing technological and communication contexts whether
as an individual or member of a small team.
Unit Learning
Outcomes addressed:
Describe and apply iterative incremental systems software
development processes, such as structured, object-oriented
and agile approaches.
Critically analyse and verify business and system
requirements, including producing and verifying analysis and
design models for an information system.
Evaluate and choose appropriate software designs to
compose the design of an information system.
d) Work effectively as part of a team in the production of a
systems requirements and design document; understand and
communicate business requirements and information system
designs effectively.