CSCI3042 – Computer Security – Lab 4 – OS and Network Securit Document Preview:

CSCI3042 – Computer Security – Lab 4 – OS and Network Security – 50 points Name of Student: ______________________________________ Summary: ?This lab will continue with Linux security techniques along with firewall configurations. ? Download and start the MobaXterm Application: ¦ Make a Windows folder on your desktop called “MobaXterm” ¦ Access this shortened URL: h? ttps://goo.gl/PnA3Wg ¦ Download the MobaXterm_Portable_v10.9.zip file ¦ Extract the downloaded zip file into the recently created MobaXterm folder ¦ Open the MobaXterm folder on your desktop ¦ Double-click the “MobaXterm_Personal_10.9.exe” ? Click through / Accept any Security Warnings boxes that may appear ? Open a ssh session to the Linux server hosted at Linode: ¦ Single-Click the “Session” icon ¦ Single-Click the “SSH” Icon (for session type) ¦ Enter: “” in the “Remote host” field ¦ Select the check box to the left of “Specify Username” ¦ In the “Specify Username” field, Enter: “laroche” ¦ Leave the “Port” field set to “22” ¦ Click the green “OK” button at the bottom ¦ A black terminal screen will start ¦ Enter the password: “FallClass2018#” ¦ When it asks if you want to save the password, choose “Yes” ¦ It is recommended to increase the size of the terminal window ? Introduction to some new Linux commands ? find ? – search for files in a directory hierarchy ¦ Enter the command “m? an find?” ¦ This will display the reference manual for the “find” command ¦ Please briefly read through, and review the “EXAMPLES” section near the end ¦ Press “q” to quit, and return to the command line ¦ Enter the command: “?find / -name passwd 2>/dev/null”? ¦ This will search the file system for all files and directories named “passwd” ¦ Question: ? Of the returned result set, how many are directories vs. files? ? file count: ? directory count: ¦ Question:? Of the returned result set, which file(s) were last modified in June 2014? ? : ? : 1¦…


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