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Assessment 1 —PROJECT
Performance objective For this task, you will demonstrate the skills and knowledge required for establishing a team performance plan.
Assessment description
In response to a simulated business scenario, you will build a work team, help assign responsibilities for a team project, develop a performance plan. and support team members to carry out assigned responsibilities. You will develop and propose strategies to ensure each team member participates in the project planning and develops policies and procedures for carrying out teamwork.
Assessment instructions 1. Review the simulated workplace information for Apparel Brands Pty Ltd in Appendix 1. 2. In consultation with your assessor: a. form a team
b. agree to meet to discuss team objectives and develop performance plans for each team member.
3. Prepare to work with your team and complete the following: a. Consider several strategies to ensure each team member has input into the planning process.
b. Consider several ideas for policies to ensure team members take responsibility for own work.
c. Consider team goals and how team can achieve goals. d. Consider strategies for gaining consensus among your team. e. Consider group behaviour and how best to present your ideas and work effectively within the group. f. Review the third-party report in Appendix 3 to ensure that you are familiar with the team performance expectations. g. Prepare to take notes to provide evidence of team meeting. 4. In team meeting, consult to establish ground rules for teamwork: a.propose and agree on strategies for ensuring participation of team members