Create a PowerPoint presentation that you would use during the training.
The requirements for your presentation are:
• Describe the seven layers of the OSI model and how they interact with the
connected layers.
• Discuss seven hardware or software components (one for each of the seven
layers) of the customer’s network.
• Describe the significance of each component in the overall information system.
• Describe the DHCP protocol and the importance it plays in the enterprise network
• Using the “ipconfig /all” command, include a screenshot of the IP configuration
information for your PC (or similar Linux/Mac commands).
• Explain the primary IP address and MAC address and the difference between the
• Explain the DHCP lease information shown in the screenshot.
• Each slide should focus on one topic of the training (you can have multiple slides
per topic).
• Include speaking notes in the Notes section of each slide that describe what you
are going to say during the training.
• Each slide should contain no more than 5 bullets and should include an image
that represents the topic.
• You should have a minimum of 9 slides including a title slide as the first slide and
a reference slide as the last slide.
• All references should be in APA format.



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