Develop and implement signal processing algorithms in Matlab
Undertake in-depth design of digital filters
ME606 Assessment 2
The objective of this assessment is for each student to demonstrate understanding of the
contents of lecture materials in the unit by applying the principles and concepts in lecture
notes. Concepts covered by this assignment include z-transforms, and FIR filter design.
Section 1. FIR filter design
In general, we have 3 commonly used FIR filter design techniques
(1) Windowed Fourier series approach
(2) Frequency sampling approach
(3) Computer-based optimization methods
In this assignment we practice the first and the second methods in designing FIR filters
1-1 Designing a low pass FIR filter using Windowed Fourier Series approach
The amplitude frequency response of an ideal low pass filter is shown in Figure. 1. Its
impulse response can be found from its inverse Fourier transform as:



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