This assessment item relates to the unit learning outcomes as in the unit descriptor. This assessment is
designed to improve student collaborative skills in a team environment and to give students experience
in constructing a range of documents as deliverables form different stages of the Software Engineering
Process using a simulated industry case study
Case Study Assignment – 30% (week 12) Group Assignment
In this assignment students will work in small groups to develop components of the Software
Specification and Design Documents discussed in lectures. Student groups should be formed by Session
two. Each group needs to complete the group participation form attached to the end of this document.
Assignments will not be grades unless a group participation form is completed.
Carefully read the associated CASE STUDY for this assignment contained in the document MITS5002-
From this Case Study you are to prepare the following:
1. Specification Document
a. Executive Summary
b. System Description
c. Scope
d. Feasibility Analysis
e. Requirements Specification
i. Functional
ii. Non-Functional
f. Assumptions/ Constraints
g. Use Cases (from functional requirements) (at least 4 per group)
i. Use Case Diagrams
ii. Use Case Descriptions
h. Context Model
i. Leveled Set of Functional Models