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After reading the article by Bryson, Crosby and Bloomberg, what are your thoughts about what the role of public administrators should be in shaping public opinion and influencing public policy? Do you find this approach to the field to be bold and exciting or should we stay with Wilson’s view that public administrators should stay clear of politics?

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John M. BrysonBarbara C. CrosbyLaura BloombergUniversity of MinnesotaPublic Value Governance: Moving Beyond Traditional Public Symposium IntroductionAdministration and the New Public ManagementJohn M. Bryson is the McKnight A new public administration movement is emerging to approach. In this regard, the emerging approach Presidential Professor of Planning and move beyond traditional public administration and New reemphasizes and brings to the fore value-related Public Affairs in the Humphrey School of Public Management. Th e new movement is a response to concerns of previous eras that were always present Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota. He wrote Strategic Planning for Public the challenges of a networked, multisector, no-one-wholly- but not dominant (Denhardt and Denhardt 2011; and Nonpro? t Organizations and co-in-charge world and to the shortcomings of previous Rosenbloom and McCurdy 2006). Th is renewed wrote, with Barbara C. Crosby, Leadership public administration approaches. In the new approach, attention to a broader array of values, especially to for the Common Good. He received the 2011 Dwight Waldo Award from the values beyond e? ciency and e? ectiveness—and especially values associated with democracy, makes it obvious American Society for Public Administration democratic values—are prominent. Government has a why questions related to the creation of public value, for “outstanding contributions to the pro-special role to play as a guarantor of public values, but public values more generally, and the public sphere fessional literature of public administration over an extended scholarly career.”citizens as well as businesses and nonpro? t organizations have risen to prominence. Th is article highlights some E-mail: bryson001@umn.eduare also important as active public problem solvers. Th e of the key value-related issues in the new approach article highlights value-related issues in the new approach and proposes…