APA style observational essay. I need help and am willing to pay cash commensurate to tutor’s efforts.

Book resource: http://books.google.com/books?id=JQQoe7giCbUC&pg=PA138&lpg=PA138&dq=Observational+Essay+Tutoring&source=web&ots=QVkKJp5rsP&sig=gLhOTGNQ8sIprgCFH_P-55JMMeA#PPA138,M1

Individual: Essay #2 – Observation Essay

This essay is based on the directions in Axelrod & Cooper, chapter 3, which asks you to write an observational essay about an interesting person, place, activity, or subculture in your community. Information for your essay may be gathered by making visits to the place you are profiling and interviewing people at this place. If you are focusing on an interesting person, you would still want to gather information about the physical setting in which they work.

Requirements for the essay:

i) Choose an interesting subject. Review the “Invention and Research” sections in chapter 3 on pages 137-141 if you need help.

ii) Avoid subjects that are overly familiar, like observing customers at McDonalds.

iii) The essay should be 1000-1250 words long, double-spaced.

iv) Your essay should meet the qualities described in chapter 3 of Axelrod & Cooper.