• Evaluate and Integrate several information sources in analysing Enterprise Systems
• Describe the role of enterprise systems as part of the larger IT infrastructure of large scale organisations.
• Identify relevant considerations in the implementation of Enterprise Systems.
• Demonstrate communication skills to present a coordinated, coherent and independent exposition of knowledge
and ideas in dealing with Enterprise Systems.
Time allocation: Approximately 30-40 hours
Weighting: 30%
Submission: Using your student e-Portfolio account, create a link from Moodle to your Mahara page as
indicated on the submission link. You are required to prepare your responses to the assessment tasks as a
page in your Mahara e-Portfolio. (To be submitted in Week 11)
Referencing: Your portfolio should be a synthesis of ideas from a variety of sources expressed in your
own words. A minimum of 10 references is recommended. You should use the APA referencing style.
The University has published a style guide to help students correctly reference and cite information they
use in assignments (American Psychological Association (APA) citation style:
Enterprise Systems
Enterprise Systems Assessment Task
The Context



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