Evaluate and synthesise information of customer needs and
expectations from various sources and experiences
2. Compare and contrast the market segmentation and
positioning strategy from both theorist and practitioner
perspectives to critically appreciate the benefits
3. Use marketing mix tools to analyse marketing situation and
position products for maximum competitive advantage in
the marketplace
5. Develop multiple management skills including critical
thinking, working in a group environment, oral and written
presentation skills to be successful in marketing
management positions.
It is critical that you remember that the assessment is targeted towards senior management
and therefore should not be verbose.
Submission file type: Microsoft Word, ppt or pdf
In this assessment, working from the materials you developed in Assessment 1, you will
be required to individually construct a one-year marketing plan, that will provide growth
for your brand within the Australian market.
The assessment requires you to undertake consumer segmentation, targeting and
positioning; determine appropriate marketing objectives, develop appropriate brand
strategies and corresponding marketing tactics that will deliver the set objectives.
MKTG1100 Marketing Management
Assessment 2 – Marketing Plan
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The plan must show your ability to develop an integrated marketing plan that will be
relevant to the target consumer, realistic and meet the brand objectives and projections
you create.
The work must demonstrate multiple management skills at the postgraduate level in the
areas of business acumen, such as applying correct writing, presentation and
referencing skills, as well at the selection of appropriate models for application in the
assessment task. You must demonstrate your ability to synthesise information obtained
from multiple sources, and apply critical thinking to arrive at a well-supported integrated
plan for the brand.