Due date: Week 13 : 31st May 2019
Length and/or format: 1500 words
Learning outcomes :Learning in the Community Report based on 35-70-hour placement. 1500 words
• LO3 evaluate the ethical and social responsibility of participants in business and community organisations (GA4, GA8);
• LO4 evaluate strategies related to work readiness drawn from volunteer experience and associated personal and professional skill development (GA4, GA5, GA9);
• LO5 demonstrate professional behaviour and attitudes (GA2, GA5); and
• LO6 critically reflect upon the impact of the community engagement experience on their values, assumptions and attitudes (GA2, GA4, GA9)
Purpose: The purpose of this assessment is for students to reflect and report upon their community engagement placement and present their real-world learnings in a Learning in the Community Report
Report:1500-word report on placement. Students will reflect on the following topics:
• The audience: the community of people that they helped to serve during the placement
• The purpose: the common good served , the kinds of disadvantage observed, and/or the client needs addressed during the placement
• The alignment of practice with theory- consider the community engagement theory, consider you research in assessment 2, is this what you saw in practice?
• Recommendations
o for improving community engagement in the Placement Organization
o for improving your performance in the community engagement placement
o for improving ways to engage volunteers into your community placement and into community placement in general.
o Reflection on your own values, assumptions and attitudes and the skills developed through the placement
Please note this is the
The community engagement I did:
I visited and fed the homeless on the streets (2 times)
I did home visits and took them necessities and had a chat with them. The people I visited are struggling hard and can hardly afford the everyday necessities (mostly migrants) (3 different houses)



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