eyassu furniture company sold 2200 doors during 2008 at br.320 perdoors. it’s begning inventory on january 1 was 130 doors at br.112. purchases made during the yer were as follows;february doors @br.124april 350 doors @br.130june 700 doors @br.140august 300 doors @br132october 400 doors @br.136november 250@br.144the company selling and admnistrative expenses for the year were br.202,000, and the company uses the periodic inventory system.required;1. prepare a schedule to compute the cost of goods available for sale.2.prepare an income statetment under each of the following assumptions;a. costs are assigned to invntory using the average cost method.b.costs are assigned to inventory using the FIFO methodc.costs are assigned to inventory usig LIFOmethod