For the factory of Problem 6.12, the factory can be segmented into two cellular lines – one product manufactured in each line. Assuming that the mean processing times for Machine 2 can be reduced by 15% when the products are not processed on the same machine. That is, the workstation can specialize its setup operation by product type. Compute the product and total factory performance measures and compare these with the composite factory organization computed in Problem 6.12.

Problem 6.12

A factory consists of five workstations and produces two products. Develop the product and factory performance measures of throughput, cycle time and workin-process. Job Type 1 arrives according to a Poisson process with a mean rate of 5 per hour and Job Type 2 arrives with a mean rate of 3 per hour and a squared coefficient of variation of the inter-arrival times of 2. There are two machines at Workstation 2; all other workstations have only one machine. The process flow, mean processing times in hours, and squared coefficient of variation of the processing times are as follows: