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SECTION M CASE STUDY USING ACTIVE DATA FOR EXCEL John Alexander, the financial controller of Ecochemicals Ltd (ECL), has provided you with the following computerised data files: • Authorised Suppliers (ECL_Supplier.xls) • Random sample of ECL’s purchases (extracted under the supervision of a member of your team; ECL_Purch_Trans.xls)
Key field details of these data files are listed below:
ECL Supplier.xls Field Type Description Supplier_No Supplier_Name Address 1 Address 2 State Post_Code Last Active ASCII (Text) ASCII (Text) ASCII (Text) ASCII (Text) ASCII (Text) ASCII (Text) DATE Approved Supplier Code Supplier Name Supplier address Date of last transaction
ECL_Purch_Trans.xls Field Type Description Supplier No ASCII (Text) Approved Supplier Code Invoice_Date DATE Invoice_Date Invoice_No ASCII (Text) Supplier’s Invoice No Invoice Amt Numerical(2 decimals) Invoice Amount Product No ASCII (Text) ECL’s Item identification code Quantity Numerical Number of units purchased Unit Cost Numerical(2 decimals) Price per unit
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