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Han is a public servant, he is a web developer within a department of a state government. Han has been given responsibility for developing a tourism website by the I.T. Manager Sally. Han adds various links to news services to enliven this government webpage. These links include global news channels. It is later found that those sites sometimes provide news on court cases which are currently under suppression order here in Australia as they are in process. When noticed this causes huge embarrassment to the government department. Sally, the I.T manager of the department had not seen the website before it went live but even if she had it is unlikely that she would have noticed and tested every link. In any case the links were not problematic until a local court case gave rise to a publication suppression order. Sally now needs to determine who should take responsibility and what actions should be taken about the event. She needs to prevent recurrence of this type of problem. Briefly discuss the dilemma for Sally. Show your utilisation of either Thomas White or Chris MacDonald’s methodology to demonstrate how Sally might analyse and resolve the dilemma. Provide a recommendation of what actions Sally should initiate and to whom she needs to communicate throughout the process. Include in your answer those clauses from the ACS code of Ethics and ACS code of Professional Conduct that are relevant and briefly explain why. Refer also to any relevant legislation again with an explanation of how it relates. Case Study 9 – Alex the new Project Manager Alex has been professionally employed in IT for 10 years. He has worked in various roles including Business Analyst, Programmer and IT Manager. He accepted an offer to join Initech Corp. as Project PE_Assignment1_Set C – Jan 2017 Manager, responsible for overseeing and ensuring the effective implementation of the company’s internal software projects. Although Alex has previous experience as an IT Manager, Initech Corp. has an existing IT Manager, Paul, who is responsible for the server and network infrastructure. Alex is aware that Initech Corp.’s directors are very concerned about intellectual property theft. They do not want any company data, including software source code, being taken to competing businesses. The software developers complain to Alex that Paul takes pleasure in preventing them from being able to do their work. They state they do not have administrative access on their own computers, preventing them from installing tools and applications, and that they cannot use Print Screen to take screen snapshots for use in manuals or training. As a Project Manager, Alex sees part of his role as removing roadblocks from the developers so they can focus on achieving the business objectives. He speaks with Paul about their concerns. Paul states he is just protecting the company’s interests. He states if someone can use Print Screen they can email company information as a screenshot. He states if the developers have administrative access to their own computers they can run rogue tools to copy source code or do other things. Alex sees Paul’s views as extreme, but he understands the complexity of the situation. The directors do not want any intellectual property theft, but at the same time, the developers are being hindered from doing their very jobs. It seems the simplest tasks become a struggle because they have many constraints on what they can do.