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COIT20266 Systems Security Administration COIT20266 – Systems Security Administration Final Project Requirements The Final Project for this course is the capstone of this course – it is what all the previous assignments have led to, and it makes up the bulk of the assessment weighting. Much of what you are asked to do is drawn from the weekly assessment tasks and material covered in the readings. Some additional research and reading will be required. Any questions of clarification or requests for help for the Final Project should be raised on the Course Forum under the topic ‘Final Project’. The Scenario You are required to setup and install a small network and set of servers to support a small company which operates a tomato packing plant. The plant operates in a small regional town and has 10 permanent employees and around 25 part-time and casual employees. The company requires a forward facing (connected to the Internet) Web Server that is located onsite in the main office. The National Broadband Network has just been enabled in the area so a high speed Internet connection is now available. An existing file server, TommyToe, used by the permanent employees to store various documents, spreadsheets, databases, etc., will need to be integrated into the new network. TommyToe runs Microsoft Windows or MacOS* as the operating system and is backed up daily via an attached high speed tape drive with suitable software. All new servers should mount a shared space on TommyToe to save backups to. These will then form part of the backup process already operating on the TommyToe server. Final Project [1]COIT20266 Systems Security Administration *students not using windows or mac as their host OS should simply use whichever they do have, e.g. Linux. The Network Summary A single internal network is to be created using DHCP for all networked device configuration. All servers (including TommyToe) should be allocated a…