hi this assignment is all about enterprise information security. Document Preview:

COMP9721- Enterprise Information Security Assessment 2 – Contingency Planning Semester 1, 2018 Details: Title: Assessment 2 – Contingency Planning thDue Date: 5.00 PM (GMT+8) Friday, 4 May 2018 Value: 30% of the final mark for the topic Length: Maximum of 2000 words (excluding cover page and references) Purpose of this assignment: The purpose of this assignment is to support the following Learning Outcomes (LO) for this topic: LO1: Understand the purpose and context of a range of typical business information systems. LO2: Understand the importance of securing the information of an organisation. LO3: Recognise the security issues associated with the integration of various information systems within an enterprise. LO4: Understand the principles of computer security. LO5: Analyse security risks and prepare information and computer security plans. LO6: Prepare and present consultant’s reports on aspects of computer security. LO7: Critically analyse publications in the area of computer security. The assessments in this topic follow on from one another (formative) across the three assessments. This means that you will to use the preceding assessment to complete the following one. For instance, you will need the outcome from Assessment 1 to be able to complete Assessment 2, and the outcome from Assessment 2 to complete Assessment 3. Case Study: Megacorp, a subsidiary of Generico Inc., have hired you to undertake a full risk assessment of their current security posture as they prepare to move to operating on a multinational scale. Megacorp currently processes and stores financial and client data in-house, with cloud services for operational usage and productivity. Staff work on Windows desktops, with an ad hoc patching cycle. There is also a backup system for the legacy in-house Windows servers, although the details of how this is configured is 1 COMP9721 Assessment 2, S1-2018unknown as the System Administrator responsible…


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