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Guidelines for Narrative Interview Assignment
Hopefully from the start of the semester, you have started to think about how you and those you encounter in your everyday life are all economic agents, contributing in some way to the economy. It is sometimes difficult to understand how exactly you and the people you know are affected by macroeconomic fluctuations and policies. In this course, we want to make this process easier by asking you to interview someone you know who has experienced one of the situations below and write a summary of the interview including a personal reflection.
We have two main objectives for this task:
1. For you to learn firsthand about economic issues and impacts from people who have experienced significant economic fluctuations and thus understand different perspectives.
2. For you to use this new knowledge to better understand the macroeconomic decisions and circumstances in the modern world and their possible impacts.
You should interview someone who has experienced one of the following eras or situations. Perhaps this person can be part of your family, a friend or even someone you know through work.
Your write-up, which is based on this interview and should follow the structure on page 3 should be between 800 and 1000 words. Approximately 200 – 250 of these words should be a reflection on your experience of the interview including anything new or interesting you learnt and how the interview relates to particular macroeconomics topics discussed in the unit so far. For the highest marks, you must not include any other information apart from what you learn from the interview. This means that there is no need for a reference list.
You may choose any topic that you feel you can relate to the economic concepts we have been discussing in class. For example, this may be:
• Global Financial Crisis (not in Australia**)
• 2007-08 World Food Price Crisis
• 1997 Asian Financial Crisis
• Black Tuesday (October 1987)
• Early 1990s recession
• Energy crises – 2000s, 1973, 1979
• Heisei Recession
• Great Leap Forward (1958-1961)
• Great Depression
• Homelessness
• Long-term unemployment