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100 word literature review on 9 journal articles EACH. These articles must relate to

– child sedentary behaviour and screen time usage (technology: tv, mobile phone, computer, iPad, laptop, etc)

– screen time and sedentary behaviour related to obesity or other health issues in children/adolescents aged 8-16

– influences in sedentary time In children/adolescents eg. Ethnicity, parental income and education level, etc

– how parental rules influence a child’s sedentary time using technology positively eg. Limited screen time usage could influence sedentary behaviour positively.

Articles must relate back to this study:

Ramirez, E.R., Norman, G. J., Rosenberg, D. E., Kerr, J., Saelens, B.E., Durant, N., & Sallis, J. F. (2011).Adolescent screen time and rules to limit screen time in the home.Journal of Adolescent Health, 48, 379-385 doi: 10.1016/j.jadohealth.2010.07.01