Hypothesis 01
System decentralization and peer-to-peer settlements
The decentralized future of e-commerce is an element that changes the current perception of a stable payment system based on banking infrastructure. Research and analysis of the assumption that the future of e-commerce will be based on blockchain technology in a decentralized system. Large e-commerce platforms, accept payments in the form of cryptocurrencies.
Stability and guarantee of an optimal approach to intermediaries will be based on the Peer-to-Peer exchange. One of the main advantages of accepting payments in the form of cryptocurrencies is that there are no intermediaries in this. Bitcoin’s peer-to-peer technology is designed to facilitate (at least in theory) instant, cheap and secure settlement of value without the intervention of any intermediary (ie Banks or other financial institutions).
Hypothesis 02Synergy effect – cooperation with the bank payment marketThe development of technologies and the growing awareness of the possibilities of blockchain give the possibility of cooperation of stable regulatory banking systems with the agile development of blockchain-based systems.Research and analysis of the potential benefits of combining and working with these systems.
It’s Research work, 2 hypothesis. My expectation is 2x 1000 words. Lot of books/valid article/jurnal references. To highlight the hypo. It’s about blockchain and cryptocurrency in E-commerce. In Payments institution.