I am attaching three documents. One has ALL the information needed. The second has ALL the questions needing to be solved based on the information and the third one is an excel spreadsheet with my attempt at the assigment
Document Preview:

ACG 3501 Government Activity 3 Instructions Use an Excel spreadsheet to organize the background information provided here in such a manner as to allow you to answer the questions noted under the “Quizzes” tab for “Government Activity 3. For this assignment you are required to prepare journal entries and post them to T accounts as well as to use the encumbrance worksheet approach if applicable. Please clearly label all rows and columns in your spreadsheet and show all calculations. Remember, your formulas in a cell are not visible when uploaded; therefore, please show and properly label all work using the rows and columns approach. Your work will be completed more efficiently if you thoroughly review the questions you are required to answer before attempting to set up your Excel spreadsheet. Submission of your Excel spreadsheet is a required part of this assignment and is worth a maximum of 50 points. The remaining 75 points for this assignment are related to the questions (located under the “Quizzes” tab) that you will need to answer using the background information provided here. In order to receive points for your spreadsheet, you will need to attach it and then submit it via the “Assignments” tab in Webcourses. Please save your file as an Excel 97-2003 Workbook as webcourses does not like newer versions of Windows or Microsoft Office. Files saved in a newer version of Excel are not likely to properly load and will present a problem with grading. Guidelines for the preparation of your Excel spreadsheet are as follows: Use only one “sheet” for your work. Your name and ACG 3501 section number should appear at the top of the spreadsheet. Any journal entries are to be in good form (i.e. balanced, debit and credit amounts clearly delineated, no abbreviations, brief description of the entry, etc.) and posted to T accounts and/or an encumbrance worksheet as applicable or appropriate. Order any journal entries in the same order as the background…