I usually spend lots of free time to stay at home, play computer games and watch movies. I’m not being be accustomed to go to gym when I have time. Therefore, my weight is increasing 10 kg to compare with 6 months before. The best way for me to control my body weight is increase the duration of time I spend in gyms & fitness club. My original intention is simple that just keep my body shape looks like healthy and not seems like overweight.

  1. My specific goals for my self-control program are: usually one or two sentences; e.g. to increase the specific target behaviour and possibly to decrease a specific target behaviour, or to teach a new specific behaviour. Use Mager’s steps (text p. 259) to “unfuzzify” if needed, especially a goal vs. an outcome. (use as much space as needed)
  1. My specific goal is to rise the time I spend in GoodLife fitness club to do exercise.
  1. Short-term goals for my self-control program include: usually 3 to 5 short-term goals. These break down the Specific Goal above into smaller pieces, to provide specific progress checks along the way; precisely stated, realistic, movement toward the long-term goal.

(use as much space as needed)

  1. I will increase time that I spend to doing exercise for around 2 hours per week to 4 hours per week.
  2. I will collect standard data for one week,that I spend one hour in GoodLife fitness club in order to confirm data and compare with after data.
  3. For week one, I will spend 2.5 hours to doing exercise per week.

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