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Innovation and Entrepreneurship BBM 310 Major Group Assignment Semester 1/ 2016 Group Student Names and student Number Class Day/Time: ________________ Due Dates: Presentation Week 10 and 11 during class Business Report submitted in Turnit in week 9 20 May 2016 5.00pm Time:5 PM Report 20% Presentation 15% Weight:35% This is the major assignment for this subject. There is a maximum of 2 members of a team. The report must be 3,000 words including key objectives and financial targets. The presentation will be for 10 to 15 minutes and a maximum of two students to a group. Required Description: With members of your group you are to develop an innovative business concept and want to start a new business venture and you are looking for funding. In order to secure funding you are required to present your innovation and develop a business plan. Your innovation can be from any of the following industry fields including but not limited to : education, healthcare, logistics, not for profit etc. It is recommended that your concept be either the development of an application or a commercial website or a business idea that does not involve manufacturing or a large investment of cash. Report tasks: Prepare a concept document which clearly describes your innovative idea or business concept and its value proposition (why is this important?). Word limit 500 to 750 words Business report style and include a concept statement refer template week 5. Prepare a business plan (see Week 6) that presents your innovation for new business venture. This must include a financial forecast for the first year. Word limit 2,000 words. Refer to template and example in Moodle The plan must include a competitor and industry analysis. Use Porters five forces model to analyse industry in which you intend to market the concept. Please research your concept for potential competitors use the competitor analysis tools Prepare and deliver a “pitch”…