Credit Crunch (CC) has been operating a debt recovery service for banks and other financial
lending institutions for 10 years and is looking to upgrade its system.
Due to the collection of personal and financial information, data maintained by CC is
considered highly sensitive. As in any business payroll and financial information is
considered sensitive to those inside as well as outside the organisation.
Currently, CC leases a floor in Sydney for its head office, staff and (security) are:
1. 3 x Executive Managers (Full Access)
2. 5 x Accounting /HRM (Access to Internet, Microsoft Exchange, Financial System, and Payroll
3. 5 x Account Managers (Access to Internet, Microsoft Exchange, Customer Relation
Management System and Debt Recovery system)
4. 2 x Information Communication Technology (Full Access)
5. 3 x Call Centre Supervisors (Microsoft Exchange, Debt Recovery System)
6. 80 x Call Centre Operators working shifts on 40 workstations (Microsoft Exchange, *Limited
Debt Recovery System)
Executive Managers and Account Managers may bring the own devices and connect to the
network via a wired or wireless connection. All other staff work only on wired workstations.
The core system of the business is the debt recovery system (DRS). The DRS contains two
separate software systems operating on different servers:
1. Predictive Dialler Software (PDS) – is connected to the company’s telephony board and
makes calls to debtors based on a list of phone numbers and debtor ID’s imported each
morning. When a call is answered it’s forwarded to a phone at an available operator’s
workstation and a message is sent via DCOM of the Debtor ID to the client of the Debtor
Database System at that workstation.