Imagine that you are thinking of a start-up company. Now, you need to promote and sell your brand
to possible investors and consumers. Importantly, your brand should address a particular
social issue, for example, bullying, domestic violence, climate change, and so forth. You will then
submit a report addressing the following: (1) brand personality; (2) target audience, (3) brand
objectives, (4) social enterprise, (5) strengths, and (6) limitations. Further, as part of your report, you
will conduct a SWOT analysis of the direct competitor of your brand. You will then reflect on what
can you generate from your direct competitor’s positioning in the market. Lastly, you will present
your ideas in generating funding for your brand. Imagine presenting your brand to a potential
investor who wants to hear about the strengths of your brand as well as how you will address the
limitations of your brand.