in a short essay Consider experiences you have had working on/with a TEAM as in a group project for a class. Select one specific experience for this assignment. If you have one which involved a major project that would be preferred.

  • What was your experience like as to the group dynamics? Was it a positive experience? Did everyone pull their weight and meet their deadlines? Was there an instance(s) where someone had to be carried? (meaning they did not complete their part and others had to do the work to ensure everyone’s grade) How was the communication process? Would you want to work with the same group again? What did you learn from the experience which would affect how you approached group work in the future?
  • For the compensation portion of your group work we are going to use “YOUR GRADE”. How were the individuals rewarded? Was it team-based or individual compensation? Did you deem the results fair? What was the effect of other’s participation on your grade? Were you penalized or rewarded in any manner?
  • How has this affected your willingness to participate in future group assignments? Do you try to avoid them?