In the current assignment, the major emphasis has been provided on the return on investment (ROI) for the HR functions. In this regard, being the Human Resource Director of the reputed hotel chain in the UK, the impact of the HR activity in terms of wider business goals has been analysed. Special focus has been put on the high performance, organisation capability and bundling of HR practices during demonstrating the link between the HR functions and business performance. Furthermore, a management report has also been prepared by recommending few strategic initiatives to improve the overall business performance. Document Preview:

Order NoEHUK6134Word1500Deadline2016-01-26Allocation Date2016-01-25 00:18:10Order TypeAssignmentAcademic LevelMasterSubjectHRMOrder DeliveryTopic Kindly meet the dead line….Please check the first pic of the assignment. “you are a human resource director for a large nation hotel chain in the UK. prepare a management report which set the out recommendation for the activity that directly link to i Admin Remark wORD COUNT WILL BE 3000 ..so do not hesitate and carry on must be high quality work Downloads HYPERLINK “http://manage.eduhelpsydney.com/writer/order-download/156a364e0c902b” Main File     Additional Requirement The Attachment pic are very clear toward the requirement. structure, guild lines, referencing. critical, analytical and logical argument … demonstrate the understanding of the topic and out come word limit is restricted, goo referencing some available in the pic,