In this activity, you will be tasked with answering questions on the material covered in this module, with a focus on networking and security as it applies to the *NIX environment. Use the Webminal terminal to answer many of these questions.
Go to www.Webminal.org
Log in: atidepescot251 password: ALL12nce1030
After login, click on Terminal use the same log in and password to access the terminal and start the assignment.
Also in Microsoft Word provide me step by step of the assignment
1.Log in to Webminal.

  1. Complete the following well-known port table:


  1. What command produces the output displayed on the following page?
  1. Why is this information useful?
  1. Find the name of the Webminal server, take a screenshot of it, and paste below:
  2. Complete the following table listing the files that administrators use to configure name resolution settings:

Which config file? Does this: Defines the host and domain names. Provides the system with the address of a DNS server that can be used for name resolution. Maps host names to their associated IP addresses.

  1. What is the name of the Linux system superuser account that can perform any task?
  1. What command is used to switch to this superuser account?
  1. What command allows you to execute a command as the superuser?
  1. Using the above command, what would be the full command to open the /etc/passwd file in vi as the superuser?

11.Type the following command (and hit enter):

  1. Take a screenshot (or multiple screenshots, if needed) of the history of every command you used to complete this assignment (you may need to look at the man page of the history command to figure out how to go back far enough to display ALL commands you used in finishing this assignment). Paste the screenshot(s) below: