1 Introduction – This includes four parts: 200 words A Title: Initially this might be regarded as a working title, and ideally should mirror the content of the document closely A Background: This informs the reader of the problem or the situation, and the context you are interested in A Rationale for the study: B • what is the research issue? C • Why is it an issue? D • Why is it an issue now? E • what could this research shed light on? A Research Aims B • Objectives (this is one of the most important sections of the research proposal as well as in the dissertation as you need to develop them properly in line with the research topic and conduct the research to achieve these). [The aspects that should be considered when developing objectives are: development of 3 – 4 objectives; objectives should follow a logical sequence; final objective could be to make recommendations] • Research Questions • Hypothesis 1 Literature Review and Conceptual Framework: 300 words 2 3 This section will demonstrate the student’s knowledge of the literature and make a critical link with the situation to be investigated. 4 Students are expected to review critically 5 or 6 sources to underpin the study. Brief summary of each topic can be provided. If relevant, a conceptual framework too can be produced here. 5 Document Preview:

Order NoEHUK5774Word800Deadline2015-07-24Allocation Date2015-07-22 22:38:52Order TypeProposalAcademic LevelBachelorSubjectMarketingOrder DeliveryTopic Marketing communications over social networks and its impact on organisational brand image while expanding business globally : A case study of Starbucks. Additional Requirement please make it nice quality please.


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