Last Updated on 01/25/2023 by Sophia

Kids Korner is a preschool. The owner wants to provide computer accessibility and training to every child age 2 and older. She has purchased two computers for every classroom as well as a set of 20 tablets, which can be carried between classrooms. In addition, there are two computers in the front office with a student records database and basic office software. The owner has asked you to design a network that will allow the children to be connected through computers. However, she has shared concerns about protecting the private records and controlling the children’s Internet access for safety.

List the specific needs the network must meet. Explain why these needs exist and how they specifically support the business. Include the number and types of devices that will be connected. Also, be sure to include mobile devices as well. Explain the different types of users and their access needs (be sure to consider customers or other users as well as employees). Describe any application/file/printer/other sharing needs. Explain the required bandwidths. Also, explain the budget considerations.