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Leila had lost her gold locket and chain. She had been highly distressed. Hence, she made an
approach by placing an advertisement within the local newspaper. The advertisement stated
that a reward of $ 50 will be given to the one who finds it. This advertisement had been read
by Julie. Suddenly, she ended up finding the lost gold locket and the chain when she was
heading back home from the park. Immediately she realized that it was the gold locket and
chain that had been lost and with respect to which there was an advertisement placed in the
local newspaper. As soon as she realized, she decided to visit the place of Leila by following
the directions as per the address provided in the newspaper. On returning the gold chain and
locket she claimed for her reward. However, Leila refused to give the reward of $ 50 stating
that Julie should have made a call before she came directly on the address provided.