Materials. In completing this assignment, you apply the theories from lecture and the assigned reading to the case study and questions. You may also use the noted supplemental readings. (Further supplemental readings and resources will be posted to the LMS in ReadingsOnline, and possibly in the weekly seminar folders. These are not required but may be used for your case studies). We will discuss that case in the next class. Meaning, the Week 2 case is discussed in Week 2, but uses the Week 1 theories. For highest marks, you need to specifically work with and reference one or both of the assigned readings for the prior week, as well as fully answering the discussion questions. Use of online materials is unlikely to be helpful, and excessive use of outside theories or prior week’s material may reduce marks. Please see case study rubric on LMS and sample response.

Format. This is a response assignment, not a research assignment. That means you need to work with the week’s assigned reading, PPT, and case writeup for highest marks. Online research might not get you to the right place. You may also use the supplemental materials if applicable, as long as you have covered the assigned materials. Please see rubric online and note that points may be docked for not using assigned format.

Document Preview:

Case H People and Change Rio Tinto Case Study Questions Please remember to review the marking rubric. Answers that use the magic formula of theory + evidence + opinion will gain the highest marks. Case: Chessell, J. (2018, 9 Mar.). Rio Tinto’s JS Jacques looks to growth as miner emerges from ill-starred decade. Boss. https://www.afr.com/brand/boss/rio-tintos-js-jacques-looks-to-growth-as-miner-emerges-from-illstarred-decade-20180207-h0v6n3 Q1: Analyze Rio Tinto’s business strategy using either planned or emergent strategy. (Hint: keep scrolling down until it starts to talk about competition.) Q2: Now think about how JS Jaques is trying to lead those strategic changes and use Liedtka and the change making frameworks to analyze what he is doing and what might make it better. Please turn in via the *Case H Inbox* on the LMS