Merit Grade Descriptors Indicative characteristics For learners to achieve a merit grade they must Learners must demonstrate Identify and apply financial concepts to find appropriate solutions Select and apply appropriate principles/methods/techniques • An effective approach to assignment planning, study and research is in evidence. • Considered evaluations and judgements, using evidence in support, have been made • Problems with a number of variables have been considered • A range of relevant financial principles and research approaches have been cited • Relevant financial assumptions and techniques have been applied to the business situations and scenarios • A range of different sources of information have been used • The selection of methods/techniques of analysis and use of source of materials is justified • Relatively complex information/data has been synthesised and processed. • The written assessment is coherent, shows logical development and a sounds understanding of financial principles, concepts and research evidence • The written assessment demonstrates that an Present and communicate appropriate structure and approach has been used. appropriate findings • The written assessment demonstrates a writing style appropriate for audience both familiar and unfamiliar with the subject. • The written work is clearly written and technical language has been accurately used. MERIT GRADE