analyze assess and evaluate tesla vs bmw 10 pages with apa citation and reference

Details within attachment. (10 pages not including cover and Reference). Reference must be cited within body of the paper and Reference must be in APA format. Times New Roman font with one-inch margins and 12-point font.

Tesla Inc. vs. BMW

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1. Background for both companies (Short)

2. Assessment of the Economic Climate

A. Assess the current interest rates

B. Assess the current rate of inflation

C. Assess the Federal Reserve’s plans

D. Examine the ethical considerations that impact the industry within which Tesla and BMW operates as a result of Sarbanes-Oxley

3. Evaluation of the Firms

A. Analyze both companies’ cash flow management practices for last three fiscal years including cash, AR, AP, FA, and inventory. Specific examples needed

B. Analyze both companies’ working capital cash flow management practices, including cash, AR, AP, FA, and inventory. Specific examples needed

C. Evaluate both companies’ liquidity.

D. Calculate both companies’ financial rations” Activity ratios, including inventory turnover ratios, debt ratios (financial leverage and profitability and market ratios.

E. Using the ratio calculations identify strengths and weaknesses for each company. Support by providing specific examples

4. Conclusion and recommendations

A. Indicate which forecasting tools should be used, and defend your claims using specific evidence

B. Propose specific working capital and borrowing options that align to the firm’s strategic objectives

C. Propose specific financial products that align to the firm’s strategic objectives

D. Explain how your recommendations appropriately address each of your identified risks