Annotated Bibliography


Childcare education is a critical aspect of modern society because
childhood impacts the life of a child even in adulthood. Many books can be used
to affect children during their childhood lives. Some books are useful for infants,
toddlers, and young children in society. Therefore, the core purpose of this paper
is to develop an annotated bibliography to explore how some books have
addressed the concept of childcare. These books have been located based on the
philosophy they aim to present on children. The books have been selected because
of numerous reviews provided by different stakeholders in how they have
impacted childcare.

Annotated Bibliography

Ahlberg, J., & Ahlberg, A. (2013). Each Peach Pear Plum (Pocket Puffin) (UK
Ed.). Puffin.
The book is a simple, eye-spy and rhyming. Through this book, children
love searching for different pictures for nursery rhyme characters and the fairly-
tale. Authors have used words on each image to present the main image. Besides,
the book also points out items that can be viewed in the background. The main
themes that the authors want parents to discuss with their child include sounding
out, rhyme, observation, nursery rhymes and fairy-tales, and the beginning and
end of the book.
In this book, the authors present favourite fairy tale characters. Mainly,
Characters such as The Three Bears and Tom Thumb make this book appealing
for children below three years of age. Besides, the book is favourite for children because the authors have used a poem on each page. The poem is hinting as to the
main reason why the picture is hidden. The book is also interactive for children
due to the use of young and familiar nursery-rhyme characters. The way these
characters sneak into the gentle drawing makes the book appealing to children.
Children below three years find themselves lurking on the stairs, in the cupboard
even if they don't know all the stars in the fairy-tale. Thus, I encourage children to
be involved in understanding the story themselves.
Briggs, R. (2013). The Snowman. Random House Books for Young Readers.
The Snowman is an award-winning book that presents a classic story
about friendship relationship between the Snowman and a boy. Mainly, Briggs
presents a wordless tale that has been acted entirely in dream-like pictures. The
central theme that the author aims to demonstrate is the importance of enjoying
life at the moment. The book tells a story the tell people to remember everyday
life as an essential affair. People may miss great and cherishing moments if they
fail to appreciate them, as seen in the book. The boy and the Snowman live life to
the fullest, and they also enjoy the company of each other.
By reading and exploring the Snowman and ideas presented by Briggs, I
am convinced that this book is appealing to children younger than three years old.
The author has used a technique of a workless tale by presenting the story in
dream-like pictures. The approach used by the author makes the book appealing
to children. The book also captures the innocence and wonder of childhood,
which makes it perfect for children below three years old. Therefore, I would recommend the book to readers below three years, but the book is also fit for
readers of all cultures and ages.
Campbell, R. (2007). Dear Zoo: A Lift-the-Flap Book (17256th Ed.). Little
The book falls under the category of best-selling books. The author
introduces interactive play that comprises of zoo animals. Campbell uses this
book to present the nature and environment to toddlers and parents using zoo
animals. The main idea presented by the author in this book is to make children
understand animal diversity. In this book, a child writes to the zoo for a pet. In
return, the zoo presents different unsuitable pets that are revealed behind flaps via
packing and crates cases. By the end of the day, all the animals are sent back
based on various reasons. Animals that are retained in the flap are not sent back
because it is perfect.
After exploring the contents of the book and ideas presented by the
authors, I am convinced that this book is appealing to children younger than three
years old. Mainly, these children would love to lift the flaps with an agenda of
discovering different animals in the zoo. Toddlers would also be happy about how
the zoo send animals like lions, monkey, and even elephants. Children will also
like this book as they attempt to find a perfect pet. In the book, the author has
used many favourite animals, a catchy refrain, and bright and bold artwork that
make it appealing for every child.

Hill. E. (2009). Where's Spot? Warne.
In this book, the author presents how a mother dog managed to search for
eight other animals that have been hiding the house before the mother dog can
find her lost puppy. The author also explains how the flaps conceal the animals.
The audience also literally joins the hunt to search for the puppy called the Spot.
After searching for long, the puppy is finally found on the basket.
After exploring the contents of the book and ideas presented by the
authors, I am convinced that this book is appealing to children younger than three
years old. I believe this is a perfect book of children because the author has used a
playful text where children can read and respond in chorus. Besides, children will
enjoy the hide-and-seek flaps that create interactivity and curiosity. The book is
also appealing to children because they would also love to demonstrate the hide-
and-seek flaps on their own. They can remain active throughout when reading this
book. Overall, this book is a reissue of the best book for toddlers because it is has
a smart cased-board sturdy with toddler-tough flaps.
Silverstein, S. (2014). The Giving Tree. HarperCollins.
The book is an American Children's picture that Shel Silverstein uses to
present a friendship interpretation. In the book, the author presents the
relationship between the tree and a boy. The main message in the book is to show
the love demonstrated by the tree to the boy. When the boy was young, he could
visit this tree every day. The tree would swing the branches to allow the boy to eat
apples. The tree remained happy to see the boy eating apples every day he visited.
After the boy gets older, the tree also offered more apples that the boy sold to satisfy his desire for money. The tree provided everything to the boy only to make
him happy.
Some people may say that this book is complex for children. However,
after exploring the contents of the book and ideas presented by the authors, I am
convinced that this book is appealing to children younger than three years old.
Mainly, children can understand the picture in the book where the tree is dropping
apples to a boy standing below it. These children can learn the art of giving and
selfless and unconditional love when they grow older. Children can learn how
parents sacrifice everything only to make them happy.

All the above books have critical messages for children. These book
address how parents are required to take care of children by providing them with
relevant exposure and experience in parenting and childcare. After exploring the
contents of these books and ideas presented by the authors, I am convinced that
these books are appealing to children younger than three years old. The authors
have used different pictures in the book that allow children to understand different
themes even at their ages. These books are also enjoyable to read for children
because they provide pictures of various aspects of life. I have also learned that
some of these books have unique messages that can be of great help to adults.