answer the following questions 151

Read both file and Answer the following questions for each file:

  • Summarize your peer’s thesis statement. What is the most successful part of the thesis? What is one thing that you had a question about?
  • A strong introduction follows the They Say/I Say model (introduces the topic in an interesting way, addresses what is currently being said about, says what many people’s argument is about the topic, and then inserts your argument). For your peer’s introduction, what was the strongest aspect? Was there anything missing? What do you think the weakest part was?
  • A topic sentence makes identifies the paragraph’s topic and makes a relevant claim about the issue. Identify a strong topic sentence. Identify a topic sentence that is unclear.
  • Identify one part of your peer’s paper that uses a source effectively. Identify one place where you would have liked to see a source or the information was not as helpful.
  • Did your partner have in-text citations for all sources? Were they accurate (author’s name or article title if there was no author)?
  • When using direct quotes, you need to have a signal phrase (part of your own words that leads into your quote). Identify a strong signal phrase. Identify a quotation that needs a signal phrase or is awkward.
  • What is the strongest part of your peer’s paper?
  • What do you consider to be the weakest part? What would you like to see more of?