are genetic modified food safe to consume has there been enough reacher been done can all this products be labeled

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Below I’s layout of what the teacher wants.

. Introduction: Define the Problem and funnel into thesis

Thesis Statement: One sentence which asserts the solution you believe will solve the problem.

II. Body Paragraph One: Topic Sentence: Assert the effects of the problem.
Use the major points from the effect essay to discuss the consequences of the problem.

III. Body Paragraph Two: Topic Sentence: Assert the causes of the problem.
Use the major points from the causal essay to discuss what led/leads to the creation of the problem.

IV. Body Paragraph Three: Topic Sentence: Assert that there are opposing viewpoints to your assertions.
Use the major points of opposition from the refutation essay and your responses to these points.

V. Body Paragraph Four: Topic Sentence: Reassert the necessity of solving the problem and the solution first presented in your thesis.
Support your solution via any of the following methods or combination of methods:
a. Evidence that the proposed solution would reduce or eliminate a major cause of the problem and would (or could) have beneficial effects.
b. Example of a similar solution which has worked elsewhere/an analogous (comparable) solution
c. Inclusion of the necessary steps needed to put the solution into practice and explanation regarding how these steps can be taken without excessive cost or inconvenience.
d. Explanation regarding how opposing sides could come together behind the proposal.

VI. Conclusion

Make sure to include in text citation and a Works Cited Page.